What is Promotion

When it comes to promoting your Brand, our Kanku team do it right both personally and professionally. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals works hard to create your brand identity by communicating your company's values and mission. We explore the best platforms that we can use to promote your brand and enhance its reach. With the positive efforts, our managers brings a new height to your brand entity. There are various aspects we consider while promotion:

Offline Brand Promotion

Offline Brand Promotion

Offline marketing is the traditional way of promoting your brand, that can be used effectively to build and support your company's online brand. Our services include:

  • Business cards, flyers
  • Conferences, Networking events, Trade shows
  • Signs, Billboards, Marquee Boards
  • Banner, Brochures, and other material
  • Transit Advertising at Subways, Terminals and Transports
  • Magazine, Yellow Page and Tabloid Advertisements, and much more.
Digital Marketing

Online Brand Promotion using Digital Marketing

Our Online Brand promotion approach focuses on designing, creating and establishing your company's online presence using digital marketing. Our strategy involves a combination of unique activities known for capturing the attention of targeted consumers, that also helps us to get an insight of how to increase your online presence by:

  • Setting up a professional website for your Brand
  • Site optimization using SEO
  • Paid advertisement using PPC
  • Promotion via Press releases
  • Corporate makeover using ORM, and much more.

Online Brand Promotion using Social Media

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a very important and integral part of Brand promotion. Our social media consultant make the best use of the social media platforms specially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest to earn massive brand attention. We actively work on:

  • Creating Brand page on Social channels
  • Inviting and interacting genuine audience via engagement model
  • Advertising via group promotion in Social groups and communities
  • Promoting in relevant forums via Brand discussion
  • Promoting on YouTube using promotional videos, and much more.

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