What is Branding

"Branding is the visual side of creating a brand."

We are proud to be the preferred branding partner for a number of our clients. We work with clients over the world. Our clients include large corporations, educational institutions, IT companies & more that want to develop high-quality branding services.

Branding is everything we do to make your company visible. We create and shape an unique identity of your organization, company, products or services in customers' mind. Our strategy is designed to quickly make your presence in the market, with an objective to interests and retain loyal customers, by delivering services that are always aligned with what your brand promises.

By maintaining the consistency of your brand, we focus on achieving a very huge advantage i.e. Recognition. Once your brand is recognised by the customers, they become familiar to it, and with that comes extremely important emotions, trust and confidence. Our correct approach to brand consistency brings clarity and purpose to the customers, and that is what the customers wills to invest into.

We believe there are three stages to having a successful branding:

  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Communication
Kanku Arts
Kanku Arts

Brand Creation

Our team starts with understanding your business, who you are, what you do, how you do it and the most important part, why you do it. Creating a brand is all about creating an emotional connection between you and your customer. We work with an approach which will focus on these aspects- Brand Workshop, Brand Values, Target Audience, Brand Story.

Brand Development

At this stage, we at Kanku Design Studio help you create your branding. Our goal is your success with our designs, that includes your Brand Identity whether they be logos, websites, ad designs or video production with our prime focus being consistency, as a consistent brand development helps with recognition and familiarity, that will build trust among the customer and your brand. Our concept of Brand development is a blend of - Brand Identity, Website, Brand Consistency, Brand Messages.

Brand Communication

We work on engaging genuine customers with your company by actively promoting your brand, that will influence the customers' opinion of your brand and its products and services. This includes all your design requirements, that range from packaging to exhibition and the way to present yourself on the social media. It is the marketing and advertising of your brand which is sum of - Advertising, Design, Marketing, Social Media.

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